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Collision Repair

Collision Repair

Professional Collision Repair Services

You have to deal with a lot of pressure when your car meets with an accident. You don't need to coordinate with your insurance company. Contact Pearson's Body Shop in Huntington, IN for professional collision repair and a FREE insurance estimate.

Collision Repair Services That We Provide

• Frame straightening
• Windshield replacement
• Dent repair and body work
• Secure vehicle storage area
Dent repair and body work

We Are Locally Owned and Operated

Using the services of a locally owned and operated business is important. That is because when you support a locally owned and operated business, your money contributes to the local economy. It also keeps local taxes low and creates job opportunities for your family, friends, and neighbors.
Call us at 
260-356-7820 anytime, day or night, for towing, recovery, and collision work.
Pearson's Body Shop can handle collision repairs of all types of vehicles. Get your domestic or foreign car model repaired effectively.
No appointments necessary! 
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